Digital Marketing

Customer Acquisition with Digital Marketing

In 2019 you will need a digital marketing strategy to stay relevant. Those who don’t have one, will yield to the competition. Don’t get stuck in the pattern of likes, and clicks, and follows without dollars.

Now we don’t promise you 100x overnight like some companies who are just in it for the money. This work takes time. We only work with those small businesses who are in business for the long run.

We use Mautic to nurture your prospects until they become customers.

Digital Marketing

Customer Research and Advanced Marketing Done For You

To hire someone to do this all for you can be up to $50,000 every year. Now imagine all of this done behind the scenes for you by a marketing team. All you would have to do is review your performance every month. Recommendations based on the results will be emailed to you automatically.


At [su11_highlight]$999.00 a month[/su11_highlight] for a small business, we consider this a steal.

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Get Started With a Comprehensive Digital Marketing Consulting Package That Includes Everything Done For You

[su11_row][su11_column size=”1/3″]Step 1 – Setup Analytics to Measure Performance [/su11_column][su11_column size=”1/3″]Step 2 – Implement Marketing Automation Platform Mautic[/su11_column][su11_column size=”1/3″]Step 3 – Use Pay Per Click Ads to Send traffic to your Marketing System [/su11_column][/su11_row]

What You Get

Marketing Automation + Pay Per Click Ads + Conversion Optimization = Sales

Modern Digital Marketing

Getting Started with Digital Marketing
$999 Per Month in Addition to Ad Spend
  • Landing Page Creation & Conversion Optimization for ONE service
  • Email Drip Marketing Campaign on Mautic
  • Pay Per Click Ad Management in Google
  • Monthly Strategy Phone Call With Your Team’s Leader
  • Monthly Paper or Email Performance Report
digital marketing