Precision is Leverage

Most small businesses are marketing blindly. We aim to change that and give small businesses a fighting chance.

There is not enough energy in the world for the social giants to intimately know every customer.

You can understand your customers better than the giants. Your advantage is being small.

Let's use that advantage.

Meet the Team


Julio Lopez, Strategy

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Diana Peña, Account Manager


Niurka Santana, Marketing Associate

Quick Summary of Lux Marketing Agency

Lux Marketing helps its clients identify their target audience, convert them into customers, retain their customer base, improve sales, and grow their businesses.

Targeted Marketing is a form of strategic marketing that aims at learning about your potential clients’ needs and preferences before offering them goods and services. Achieving this, helps businesses save time, money, and effort as you tailor access to your marketing efforts to specific clients only.

Want to know who to direct your marketing efforts to? Interested in boosting sales and revenue? Ready to take your business to the next level? Lux Marketing can help you.

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3 Steps to Launching Your Campaign


The first step to achieving success in any business is to first identify the current state of the business. We carry out detailed market research and help you plan and manage projects.

Is there a current marketing plan? Does it need to be tweaked or is a complete overhaul required? This step is followed by identifying ideal business customers. Who are your products and services designed for?


Our next step is to help you develop an effective marketing strategy while preparing you for possible challenges you might face during project execution.

We help you develop a marketing message for your products and/or services to suit the needs of your preferred audience.


Phase three involves implementing the laid out marketing strategies, carrying out marketing campaigns, and trying out a test run to get you comfortable.

A test is used to make sure we are stacking all the probabilities in your favor.


Our Strategy

At Lux Marketing we understand that not all visitors are part of your target audience. We discuss with you to help you identify your target group and show you how to provide them with relevant content and ads. Knowing the needs of your visitors helps a business owner determine the right offers to present to them. When we know the intent of your visit we can show them the right offer at the right time.

Our Commitment

Lux Marketing is a customer-centered enterprise- this means that we are focused on helping you and your business thrive. We understand that we can only comfortably say we are doing well when you win! We are not only committed to providing you with the necessary resources and assistance but to see to it that these strategies produce visible results over time.

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Any Questions?

Contact us if you require any clarification on what or how we do what we do.