B2B Lead Generation

Get More B2B Leads with Outbound Lead Generation, Without the Hassle of Implementing a New Sales Office

Generate Pre-qualified Prospects With Key Data points Relevant to Your Organization

Get Leads, Without the Hassles

Our team will reach out to your potential customers and build relationships with them. We’ll provide you with the contact information of each person we speak to, so that you can follow up on leads at your convenience. Our team is trained to find the people who are likely to be interested in your product or service and help you to convert them into customers.

A Sales Funnel Done For You

If you know the steps necessary to reach a prospect and enter the conversation already happening in your industry, then you are ahead of the game. We can collaborate to make sure the right steps are taken to not let any potential customers fall through the cracks. If we don’t get a result on the phone we can build you advertising audiences with any call feedback.


Eliminate the Guessing Game

Understand who is most likely to buy your product or service. We will target and reach out to your ideal buyer with well thought out communications.

CRM Integration with HTTP Push

Do you work with a CRM system? If so, you can have sales ready leads automatically appear in your CRM for the right salesperson, at the right time. In sales, timing is crucial. The more we automate the process, the better we can respond to prospects.

Outbound Calls Made Easy

On average, you can benefit from up to 50 outbound calls per day with our starter package. We can leave a voicemail for you. And we can try up to 4 times until we reach the correct person.

Use Data Intelligently

Any information we collect from our research, or from a phone call can be used to personalize an email follow up sequence. During setup we collaborate to create the ideal templates for your sales efforts. Additional content provided by you can also be integrated.

Pricing? That’s easy.

Outbound Sales System

Per Month

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Managed Service

50 Dials Per Business Day
Append Demographic and Financial Data to Leads
Automatically push leads to Retargeting Platform (Build audiences via Cold Calling)
Automatically push leads to Your CRM when Sales Ready
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