Free Analytics Audit

Gain Clarity and Direction with an Analytics Audit

  • Ensure You’re Not Missing Out: An audit identifies any lost insights so you can capture a complete picture of your website’s performance. We’ll review your Google analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Facebook Events manager.
  • Fix It Before It’s Too Late: An audit catches tracking problems early, allowing you to correct issues and get back on track.
  • Move Forward With Confidence: Don’t let technical problems hold you back from making the most of your analytics data. An audit clears the way for reliable, actionable insights.

What We’ll Do For You

Data Completeness Assessment

We’ll comb through your analytics to pinpoint any gaps in data collection, ensuring you’re capturing a complete picture of user behavior and website performance.

Tracking Implementation Audit

Our team will carefully inspect your site’s tracking setup, checking for any inconsistencies, inaccuracies or outdated implementations that could taint your data accuracy.

Comprehensive Findings Report

All auditing results will be compiled into a detailed report that outlines key issues discovered and recommendations for resolving them.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Julio over the past year during our collaboration between Lux Marketing and Glossi. Julio’s expertise and creativity continue to impress me. His proficiency in leveraging the latest technologies to enhance business performance has led me to recommend him to several clients, confident in his ability to boost conversions. Julio consistently demonstrates his marketing acumen by developing and executing successful ad and retargeting campaigns for our brand. His deep knowledge of website performance and user experience ensures that he prioritizes and maximizes conversion opportunities. Julio sees the big picture, recognizing the critical importance of integrating business tech stacks and synchronizing departmental functions. This holistic approach ensures businesses fully capitalize on comprehensive marketing, lead generation, and social media strategies.”

Misty Cobb

Go To Market Lead, Glossi

Let’s Get Started

We’d be happy to initiate the auditing process to inspect your analytics environment. Simply schedule a Google Meet consultation to kick things off.

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