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In a world where large corporations dominate the market, it is easy to overlook the power and potential of small businesses. However, we at Lux Marketing firmly believe that small businesses have the ability to create deeper and more meaningful relationships with their target market than the corporate giants could ever hope to achieve. Our mission is to empower small businesses to harness this potential and unleash their full potential in the digital age.

Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that small businesses can achieve more depth in their relationships with 10,000 people than large corporations can with millions. We believe that small businesses have the unique ability to connect with their target audience in a way that large corporations cannot, and that this connection is the key to their success.

To achieve this, we focus our efforts on creating a deep and powerful connection between the small business and their target market. We do this by understanding their target audience on a deeper level and by utilizing the latest digital marketing trends and technologies. We believe that this approach not only sets small businesses apart from their competitors, but it also gives them a unique advantage in the marketplace.

We don't just provide cookie-cutter solutions; we take a highly personalized approach to each of our clients, tailoring our strategies to their specific needs and goals. Our goal is not just to help our clients succeed in their marketing endeavors, but to support their growth and success in every aspect of their business.

We also believe that personalization is key to creating a deep and meaningful connection with the target audience. That's why we take a highly personalized approach to each of our clients, tailoring our marketing strategies to their specific needs and goals.

So, if you're a small business looking to make a big impact and build strong relationships with your target audience, look no further. Let us help you achieve your marketing goals and make your business dreams a reality. Join us in our mission to support small businesses today


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Leverage your website with our data solutions to increase lead quality. Test content for a better chance of converting your traffic.

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Eliminate waste by removing the uninterested from your audiences and mailing lists. Use over 100 data points to segment your leads list for online and offline advertising.


Maximize Your Marketing Results with Accurate Conversion Tracking

Tracking conversions accurately is at the heart of everything we do at Lux Marketing. With precise conversion tracking, we can improve the results of our campaigns and build more effective audiences. Want to boost your conversion rates? Sign up below to receive a comprehensive checklist for improving your conversion tracking efforts across all your marketing channels.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Excellent work! Julio really did a great job with my SEO and Google Adwords. He increased my conversions for my medical practice. I saw many patients as a result of his marketing! I will hire him again. Highly recommend Julio for any medical practice looking to increase their online presence. He really knows the medical field marketing. Thank you! - City Footcare in Manhattan

Julio did a great job explaining the concepts of GTM and GA to me. Would recommend to anyone who needs a knowledgeable upworker. - Sam Consulting

I can enthusiastically recommend julio for any project. He has great ideas and brings more to his job than the basic requirements."

Dr Lawrence Silverberg

"Julio is a master of his craft and is very easy to work with. He's very busy but worth any wait!" Taylor @ CORK AND FORK DIGITAL MEDIA

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