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What We Do

At Lux Marketing, we help small businesses overcome growth challenges through data-driven solutions. We collaborate with you to identify essential marketing components, conduct thorough audits, and implement robust analytics, high-converting landing pages, marketing automation, and targeted paid media campaigns on high-impact channels. This ensures your marketing budget works efficiently to drive sustainable growth.

Who We Serve

We specialize in helping niche small businesses and startups with new marketing departments achieve sustainable growth. Our clients include:

  • B2B SaaS companies
  • High-end consumer goods brands
  • Providers of high-ticket services

We typically do not work with businesses like physical retail stores or those offering low-ticket, high-volume products or services.

What You Need to Work With Us

For a marketing campaign to succeed, preparation is essential.

To get the most out of a partnership with us, you should have:

  • A pre-defined marketing budget
  • At least one salesperson or dedicated marketer on your team
  • An offer that has already converted a cold stranger into a customer

What You Can Get Now

Explore our website to find:

  • Clear, transparent pricing for our services
  • Showcase of our work and client success stories
  • In-depth blog posts on marketing strategies and tactics

Jumpstart your marketing with our resources. These post can guide and inspire your marketing efforts, helping you achieve clarity.

Our Core Marketing Services

Paid Media Management

  • Laser-Focused Targeting: Reach your ideal audience with precision using our advanced targeting techniques, ensuring your message resonates with those most likely to convert.
  • Multiple Channels Working Together: Advertise on different platforms like social media, search engines, etc. This creates a consistent brand experience that really connects with customers and gets results.

Conversion Rate Optimization

  • Discover New Opportunities: Study how users act on your site to reveal ways to improve and get more conversions.
  • Customer-Focused Design: Build user-friendly website experiences that smoothly guide visitors towards taking desired actions like purchasing.

Marketing Automation with HubSpot, Mautic, and More

  • Platform Expertise: Our team knows how to use popular marketing automation tools like HubSpot and Mautic, as well as others that fit what you need.
  • Personalized Nurturing: Carefully designed automated journeys engage your audience at every step with tailored experiences that build connections and motivate action.
  • Unified Data Ecosystem: We’ll integrate your marketing automation platform with your other tools, creating a cohesive system that makes data-driven decisions a breeze and helps you scale your efforts as your business grows.

“Julio is a master of his craft and is very easy to work with. He’s very busy but worth any wait!”

Taylor Eason

Principal, Cork and Fork Media

Transforming Small Businesses, One Strategy at a Time

Data-Driven Approach

Harness the power of data to fuel your marketing decisions. We dive deep into the numbers, uncovering insights that inform every aspect of your strategy.

Expertise in Small Business Growth

We specialize in helping small businesses navigate the path to sustainable growth, equipped with our expertise and guidance.

Proven Track Record

See the results for yourself in our case studies and client testimonials, showcasing the impact of our data-driven approach and customized solutions.

Unlock Customer Insights with Our Data Platform

Gain a 360-degree view of your customers with our data platform, enabling you to create personalized experiences that resonate and convert.

Maximize Your Paid Media ROI

Make every advertising dollar count with our data-driven approach to search and social advertising, optimizing your ad spend for maximum ROI.

Customized Solutions

Your business is unique, and your marketing should be too. We craft tailored strategies that address your specific needs, goals, and challenges.

“Your work on my AdWords campaigns has been invaluable. Having the flexibility to discuss things with you and put into practice only what I am comfortable with has been the biggest difference between other specialists. Most other companies insist on taking big monthly revolving fees, before proving themselves. Further, other companies do not know my market as well as you do. They claim to, but when you get to talking there are huge gaps in their understanding of a small medical business like mine. ”

Dr. Bo Andel

Owner, Smart Pain Solutions

Marketing & Tech Blog

Where we show you how small businesses can use the latest in digital marketing and tech to really connect with customers. Our blog gives you smart ideas to make your marketing stand out.

  • Belief Mapping: Why Understanding Your Audience’s Emotional Journey is Crucial for Marketing Success

    Belief Mapping: Why Understanding Your Audience’s Emotional Journey is Crucial for Marketing Success

    One of the most effective ways to achieve this connection is through belief mapping – a process that involves creating an emotional map of what people see, hear, feel, and think. By understanding the beliefs that drive your audience’s decision-making process, you can craft marketing messages that resonate, engage, and ultimately lead to conversions. What…

  • Building an Open Source Clay Alternative with NocoDB, n8n, and Apify

    Building an Open Source Clay Alternative with NocoDB, n8n, and Apify

    As automation becomes more integral to business processes, the need for cost-effective, customizable solutions grows. Enter our stack—a combination of NoCodeB, n8n, and Apify to create a powerful, open-source alternative to Clay. This stack aims to streamline data points, automate tasks, and personalize interactions without the heavy cost often associated with other platforms. It doesn’t…

  • Enriching Datalayer with Mautic for Improved Personalization

    Enriching Datalayer with Mautic for Improved Personalization

    For marketers, personalization is not just a trend—it’s a necessity. Delivering content, offers, and experiences that resonate personally with individual users can transform how they interact with your brand. Integrating Mautic, a powerful open-source marketing automation tool, with your website’s datalayer enhances the personalization of your marketing efforts. Using Google Tag Manager (GTM), this integration…

  • Mautic Contact Datalayer Plugin

    Mautic Contact Datalayer Plugin

    Today I want to introduce a new tool that’s valuable for users of Mautic: the Mautic Contact Datalayer Plugin. This plugin is particularly useful for businesses in the eCommerce or SaaS sectors looking to refine their analytics and marketing strategies. What is Mautic Contact Datalayer Plugin? The DatalayerPushBundle is a straightforward Mautic plugin that pushes…

  • Enhance Upselling and Cross-Selling Through CRM Data Insights

    Enhance Upselling and Cross-Selling Through CRM Data Insights

    Ever feel like you’re leaving money on the table? Maximizing the value of each customer (their lifetime value, or CLV) is key to long-term success. Targeted upsell and cross-sell campaigns are your secret weapons for boosting revenue and building stronger customer relationships. Here’s how to unleash their power using CRM data and analytics. Connecting the…

  • Advanced Attribution: Storing Click IDs in Your CRM

    Advanced Attribution: Storing Click IDs in Your CRM

    Do you wish you could understand exactly how people find your website and optimize your marketing efforts to attract high-quality leads? The answer lies in a powerful tool called click IDs and storing them in your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. This guide will explain everything you need to know, even if you’re new to…

  • Hubspot Data Layer Plugin for WordPress

    Hubspot Data Layer Plugin for WordPress

    The Hubspot Data Layer Plugin for WordPress is a powerful tool that helps small and mid-size businesses using both WordPress and Hubspot to enhance their marketing strategies and create targeted user experiences. What does the Hubspot Data Layer Plugin do? This plugin seamlessly integrates with your WordPress website and fetches valuable data about your visitors…

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“Julio is a top notch Google partner for us. He is up to date on all the changes that Google constantly throws at you and is fast to respond to all our needs. Highly recommended.”

James Marshall Berry

Chief Strategy Officer, Wine and the Web

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